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Choose from a variety of identity-enhancing options

designed to increase consumer awareness,

acceptance and confidence in your company's brand.


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Our mission is to help you strengthen and enhance your brand, increasing the chances that shoppers will be attracted you your company.  Our belief is that once shoppers give Independents like you an online or instore visit, the best team will win, and we’re confident that team is yours.  That’s why these BrandAids have been created.  Keep in mind that BrandAids are secondary support brands for your company’s primary brand or the store name that has been recognized and nurtured by you for years or perhaps generations.  Again, the name of your store is always the star of the show, BrandAids simply play a supporting role. 

Which BRANDAid best matches your company's personality, consumer policies and market position? 


The ShopSmart Promise, presents your company as the credible LOCAL retail option with the ability to out deliver the national chains through your team’s hard work, know-how and your association with the buying power of thousands of other independent dealers nationwide.  It ties your brand to your community and is aligned with today’s growing buy-local sentiment.  The ShopSmart Promise tag line is, “Ask your neighbors about us, they’re our neighbors too.”

Best for Less Logo.png

Your next option is to become a Get the Best for Less dealer.  This BrandAid positions your company as a credible alternative to corporate big box retailers.  Again, it is important for shoppers to understand how your single company can compete with multi-billion-dollar chains, so your association with thousands of other Independents with billions of dollars in buying power is part of the story along with your unique consumer advantages.  Your Get the Best for Less tag line is: “Bigger isn’t better, better is better.”

America's Dependable



Another BrandAid option for your consideration is America’s Dependable INDEPENDENTS.  It provides yet another perspective for your brand.  It presents your company as a business that can be counted on for leading service, selection and price.  In fact, there is a graphic word play in which the word DEPEND is emphasized in the logo as the middle name of the identity.  Of course, your competitive advantages as part of a nationwide organization of thousands of independents is included as is the tag line, “Think outside the big box and save.”

Nextpert Logo.png

If your company considers itself a leader in custom kitchen and or connected home, there’s a BrandAid for you.  Your company can become a NEXTPERT dealer.  NEXTPERTs understand the possibilities of next, making your customers’ solution the best solution. From custom audio & video installation, to home automation, to professional grade kitchen designs, climate control, security and more . . . your company is positioned as much more than experts.  Your NEXTPERT tag line is, “Exploring the possibilities of Next.”

Shop Safe Logo REVSB.png

The ShopSafe Promise was launched early in the COVID-19 disruption when it became evident that a primary consumer motivator was safety from exposure during the shopping and delivery experience.  It communicates the steps that ShopSafe Promise dealers pledge to take in order to make their shopping and delivery experiences safe and convenient.  

UBU Custom

White Glove Personalized Advertising Support

The Nationwide PrimeMedia team also works closely with a subset of larger members whose marketing budgets provide the resources necessary to develop their own brand support strategies through either an in-house advertising department or an outside ad agency.  This is affectionately known as UBU Custom Ad Support. The profile for a UBU dealer usually includes a seven-figure annual advertising budget and dedicated advertising staff inhouse.   PrimeMedia supports these members with a custom blend of efficiencies through which they save money and increase production value so that more of their budget can be directed toward their media buys.  UBU strategies are often a blended mix of Nationwide provided media assets and custom production projects as suggested by members or their agencies.  Each of these relationships is uniquely designed based on the member’s special wants and needs.


Why wait?  Shop Rent to Own and get it now.

Shop Rent to Own has been created to provide consumers with the advantages provided by Nationwide's Rent to Own dealers.   

  • You get the latest features from the leading brands, all in stock, plus your delivery and set up are free.

  • No credit is needed, you get flexible payment terms and Rent to Own doesn't affect your credit rating.

  • Rent to Own lets you try the product without purchasing and upgrade to the latest technology now.

  • You don't incur any debt, repairs are free and you can return products at anytime without penalty.


The BRANDAid of your choice provides your company access to an effective array of media assets and consumer messaging including:

  • No cost links to a “landing” consumer-facing website that communicates many of the consumer advantages your company can provide due to its BrandAid affiliation.  The site encompasses each of the Nationwide's primary product categories and includes Nationwide Marketing Group’s affiliated vendors.

  • A no cost package of banner ads of various dimensions for your website and social media that can be used to direct shoppers to more information about your support identity’s consumer benefits.

  • No cost package of in-store video messages for your digital signage system for maximum impact at the point of decision.

  • A no cost package of evergreen generic marketing videos describing your competitive advantages for your website, social media, email marketing. 

  • Traditional POP assets provided at no cost as print resolution files for low cost, in-house printing.

  • Low cost personalized promotional branding videos for Presidents’ Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Columbus Day, whatever Black Friday becomes, and the Holiday selling season. Plus, unique videos describing your company's consumer advantages.  Your company name, logo and offer are professionally voiced and seamless edited into these national quality videos and spots for delivery to your website provider, cable or broadcast television outlet and digital signage provider.  Included are versions for your website, social media, email marketing, digital signage, spot cable and broadcast usage.

  • A no cost dealer locator so that shoppers who visit the site can find the participating dealer in their area and more.

BrandAids Overview

BrandAids Overview

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Simply choose the BRANDAid that best matches your company's personality and market position and the Nationwide PrimeMedia team will provide the resources and support you need to take advantage of the program's benefits. 

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