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In-Store Video

Custom Video for Your MemberNet TV Ultra Digital Signage System

These videos are created for use on Nationwide’s exclusive MemberNetTVPlus and MemberNetTV Ultra digital signage systems.  While there are thousands of non-dealer branded messages for your use at no charge, these assets allow you to romance your company’s brand at the “last 3 feet” of the sales process.

Brand Logo Builds

Heroic animations of your company’s logo created to bring your brand to life with a professional look. 

In-Store Offers and Promos

Welcome shoppers to your store.  Announce your interest-free financing offers, discounts, policies, rebates and more. 

Energy Star Information & Announcements -


Take credit for Nationwide’s award winning E-Star support and remind shoppers of the energy and water savings your E-Star appliances provide.

Just Say Yes Videos

In-store video that matches Nationwide “Just Say Yes” promotions that automatically update on your MemberNetTV.

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