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If you are like most retailers your marketing plan already includes a mix of advertising: TV, online and social media, print, mobile and others.

But all of that is focused on marketing to buyers before they enter your store.  What about in-store marketing?


Compare and Save

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MSTV 3 Year Cost

What's Included?

Content license for all entertainment based videos, including:

  • Movie Trailers

  • Sports

  • Disney Plus Trailers

  • TV Show Promos

  • Music Videos

  • Entertainment Videos

  • Outdoor activities

  • Health and Wellness

  • Nature Content

  • Virtual Greeter Messages

  • Vendor Product Videos

  • Finance Offers

  • RTO Specific Content

  • Vendor Promotions

  • Your Company's Custom Content

  • and Much More...

New Offering Included with Subscription

MediaSign TV, powered by Nationwide PrimeMedia represents a complete ground-up redesign of the system incorporating faster, cloud-based content management and advanced video processing for enhanced picture quality and more efficient file transfers.  In addition, every one of the thousands of available videos on MediaSign TV is automatically transcribed via AI technology to feature on-screen subtitles in a wide variety of languages. Subtitles can be turned on for low volume applications and to serve the hearing impaired. Translations allow dealers to better serve multi-language shoppers. The operation and monitoring of the system has also been made even easier and more convenient.  Individual players and playlists can be visually monitored and controlled in real time, remotely.  This new design not only provides enhanced performance today, but is future-proofed for advanced features and improvements that are currently in development. 

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