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MediaSign TV Support

Welcome to the MediaSign TV Support Page.  Our goal is to keep your MSTV player doing everything you need to help transform your showroom into an information-rich, immersive buying zone!

Please see the topics below, as almost every issue commonly encountered is solved here, on demand, and you'll be up and running again in no time.  If your problem isn't solved below, we're here to help and we'll provide all the support you need.


My MediaSign TV box isn't working!  HELP!

Relax.  We've got your back, and this is going to be easier than you think.  The first step when trying to resolve any issue you may be experiencing with your MediaSign TV player is the oldest and most effective path in technology - turn it off and then turn it back on again!  Simply unplug the power cable from the back of the player, wait 30 seconds, and plug it back in.  This clears up a number of small bugs and glitches, and may well solve your problem.  If not, let's dig a little deeper with the common issues and solutions below.


My remote isn't connecting with my player.

The MSTV player's remote has a feature called "Air Mouse"  Below, you'll see the button on the remote that activates this feature.  The number one reason the remote isn't working is that this button has been pressed.  To repair the connection, simply press this button (once), wait 10 seconds, and proceed.  The remote should work perfectly again!



Two other gremlins occasionally cause MSTV remotes not to work.  First, check the batteries.  They last a LONG time, but they're batteries.  They'll die eventually.  A quick swap will get you an answer.  Second, make sure the USB receiver is plugged into your MSTV player.  If this has been removed, the remote can't function.  Place the USB receiver back in the USB slot of the player, and you're back in business.

Alternatively, you could use a wired USB computer keyboard to control your box:

‘X’ button – takes you home

‘Enter’ – selects

‘Esc’ – cancels out of a menu

And the Four Arrow buttons control navigation.

My box isn't powering on.

If your box isn't powering on, there could be a few issues.  Usually, it can be solved by doing the following:

  • Make sure the power cord is plugged in securely to both the port on the box and the power outlet.

  • Make sure power is coming through the outlet, and that a breaker hasn't been tripped or powered off.

  • Make sure that the power cable is free of damage.  (If the cord is damaged, please contact us ( and we're here to help.

My content isn't updating.

Normally, when content isn't updating, it's because the box isn't connected to the internet.  To solve this issue, use your remote and press the Menu button (shown here.)

Once you've pressed the Menu button, navigate over to System Settings and travel down the menu list to Network Setup. From there, select Connections, and then choose your preferred WiFi network.  

















Most networks today are secure, so be sure you have the network password.  Enter that password using the on-screen keyboard, remembering to enter the password being sensitive to upper and lowercase lettering.
















Once you've entered the password, hit Enter, and the screen may flicker as it calibrates the connection.  The WiFi should now change, and an IP address should be shown.  This means you're securely connected!
















A quick way to tell if your box is connected to the internet is to check the About page under System Settings. If you see an IP Address here, then you know you are connected!















*NOTE: MSTV cannot access Public WiFi or WiFi that requires a separate page to load (like you might see at a hotel, coffee shop or airport). Trying to access WiFi that needs that separate page to load will cause the device to crash, sending you back to square one. If this happens, simply select a different WiFi source that needs only a password for access. For further help, reach out to

Media Content Update

If we are confident that the box is connected to the internet, let's do a Media Content Update:

Hit the Menu button so that we are back on the main screen:



Go to System Settings and down to Media Content Update and hit Enter

You should now see a progress bar letting you know what is downloading,


just let this process finish and your content is up to date!

My player is asking for an Activation Code!

This issue is fairly rare, but is a result of your player having lost it's authentication code due to a disconnection from the server for a period of time.  It's an easy fix!

First, login to MemberNet (  Then, find the MediaSign TV hyperlink in the Quick Links menu from the top bar

On the next screen, select MNTV Management from the top left, which will produce a dropdown menu.


From this dropdown, select Machines Management, found in the upper right.


Next, identify the MSTV player from your roster of boxes that needs the activation code.

Make a note of the box's name, then go back up to MNTV Management and select Authorized Applications, found under Machines Management.  

Next, select Create Activation Code.










A dropdown will populate, and here, you'll select the name of the box and click Create.











You should now see a 10-digit unique code made up of letters and numbers.









Enter this code on your MSTV player, and you should be back in business!

A few other assorted questions we get:

  1. No Picture On Screen?

    1. Check your HDMI cable. If it’s secure, you may have to swap it out with another just to make sure the cable isn’t the issue.

      1. If you have a distribution system with multiple TVs, connect the MediaSign TV player directly to one of your TV's and see if you can get a visual.

    2. Make sure the TV is on the right channel/TV input.

  2. How do I manage my content?!

    1. We have a few ways to help you understand the playlist systems of MediaSign TV. Here is a handy video, and here is a written guide:

  3. How do I get my own content on my TVs?!

    1. Send us your content using this link

  4.  I want my logo on my TV!

    1. We can help with that! We can create some animations using your logo that will really you’re your brand pop! Feel free to browse our animation library and pick out a few options. Send us your logo to this link (biggest and best quality you’ve got!) along with an email letting us know what you would like us to create for you. It takes us a few days to get this together for you.

And if all else fails, email us at! We are happy to assist!

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