Making Life Better

TV Commercials – Personalized from $199 each  

These spots are organized in categories based on theme, campaign or messaging. Click on the category of the kind of message you want to deliver to your shoppers.   The specifics on product categories and offers will be provided there.

Making Life Better - 

Remind Consumers that you're the best place to buy quality products with advanced benefits that help make their lives better. There are a variety of different commercials available for this type of  message and most can be customized for any product category, any offer and any dealer.

Multi-category: Great brands, products, service and price take action now and enjoy.

Multi-category:  Don't Settle, Get Everything You Want Now and Save

Multi-category:  You're worth it. You deserve it.  Go ahead and get the best.

Multi-category:  Make your place THE place with new products . . . and save.

Furniture and Appliance:  Those you love, living the life you dream of in your special home.

Multi-category:  Invite a conversation about new products and enhanced lifestyles.

Bedding:  Aspirational bedding spot suggests dreamy rest with your new mattress.